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Alain Mest

rFactor 2 : début 2012

A lire le dernier post de Tim Weathley, la sortie de l'open beta sera sûrement pour après les vacances :
http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/9 … #post19676

"I believe we will be at release candidate (RC of open beta) stage at the point where I hoped we would be at the actual release of the open beta stage. Gjon has said that he doesn't want to put the staff and testers through having to manage a release over the holiday period, so it is getting likely to be shortly after the holidays rather than shortly before. Although the reason why there's no news is because there isn't absolute certainty yet. To quote Gjon, there's a 49% chance of releasing before the holidays, 51% shortly after.

We have a new video in production titled 'physics' (being made by the same person who made the Monaco promo). I'll post that as soon as I can. Right now my licensing work is taking up a bit more time that I would like, so I am often only visiting here when a post gets reported at the moment."

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